How do you benefit from your Virtual Personal Trainer?

  • You determine WHERE you train: the convenience of home or the variety of a gym
  • You are LIVE with your trainer every session learning correct form and posture for every single exercise
  • Target train problem areas
  • Workouts based completely around your individual fitness level and goals
  • Same accountability, supervision, modifications and tweaks as in-person training 
  • Detailed progress tracking with graphs and side by side photo comparisons
  • High-level accountability
  • Texting access to your virtual personal trainer
  • Discounts off Nutrition Plans with certain packages to keep your physique goals on course
  • *BONUS* Beautiful 15 page downloadable Restore Your Core Guide 
  • Exclusive discounts on other Fit Style programs 

Let us be your fitness trainer to help you reach your goals today!  

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