Get 3 Virtual Personal Training Sessions for only $95!

Wondering what the heck Virtual Personal Training is like?  Give it a try with 3 sessions for the price of 1!  These are One-on-One 55 min sessions... it doesn't get better than that!  No further commitment necessary, just reap the rewards of having an expert eye watch your every move (not in a creepy way) to teach you how to get great and efficient workouts. 

 **New clients only**


What are you waiting for?? Let your curiosity prevail...



  • These sessions can be done anywhere in the world! 
  • One-on-one workouts custom for YOU
  • Get a clear picture of where you're starting in our assessment session and the path to take to get to your goals
  • Learn the perfect form and posture in the most common workout movements so you'll do them right forever!
  • Dig deeper into the potential your workouts really have with the 2nd and 3rd sessions 
  • Experience what having a personal trainer is like for a next to nothing cost
  • Jumpstart your fitness journey or break through your plateau with what you'll learn

Just try it!