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Ready to Change Your Body?

Lose "weight", stay squishy. Burn FAT, be firm and toned.

If you've tried other weight loss plans you may have noticed that your size reduces somewhat, but you are the same texture and squishiness .  Fat loss is different, it changes your body composition.  So your size reduces, your body gets firmer, you notice slight lines of muscle tone, things take on a little different shape. These kind of results are 80% nutrition.  Exercise builds, shapes, and hardens the muscle, but the food shows it off!  So if you are wanting to change your body - size, shape, go from squishy to firm - you must incorporate a solid nutrition plan to get you there.  Our nutrition programs have helped our clients lose well over 1600 lbs and over 1100 inches - and that's just over the last couple of years!  We have been changing bodies since 2005 and have extensive and rare knowledge to show you how to make your food work for you to reveal the body you desire!

Precision Plan

Do you want dramatic results in the shortest amount of time?  Do you want to remove the daily decision making of what to eat?  With our Precision Plan we design every single aspect of your nutrition program with great detail.  There is little fluctuation with your food which allows your body the consistency it needs to make drastic changes.  If you want the most noticeable results  in the shortest amount of time, this plan is for you!

Basic Plan

Need more variety?  This plan gives you freedom, flexibility, and creativity .  Using our Approved Foods List and your personalized macro-nutrient outline for the day (calories, protein, fat, carbs) you construct your own daily plan.  You keep a food journal via the app and your nutrition coach will give you weekly tweaks and guidance to achieve even greater results!

Check out the Results & Reviews page to see some body transformations of clients who followed the Nutrition planning of Fit Style.

Get Started Today!

As your nutrition coach, we will guide you every step of the way toward your new toned and firm body!  Some of our training packages even include nutrition plans, so call or text us today to get started on your ultimate fitness package!

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