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Who We Are

Attention Ladies!

 At Fit Style, we want to help women get their confidence, smile, and style back through fitness and a healthy lifestyle. We  know nothing builds confidence like a fit, healthy body and we want to be there every step of the way providing personal guidance throughout your entire journey. We believe in zero-intimidation fitness, so whether you are beginning exercise for the first time in your life or you've been at it for years, our arms are open to you!  We are Fit Style and we want to help you be your ultimate self.  

Changing Lives Since 2005

And we aren't stopping now!  We hope your fitness journey will be a part of our next 14 years!

What We Do


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We would love the opportunity to share fitness tips and keep you informed of our latest happenings!

About The Owner

Jenn L. ~ Master Trainer

I am IN LOVE with what I do! I began my career as a Certified Personal Trainer in 2005 and have since conducted close to 17,000 training sessions.  I started my own business, Fitness Is a Lifestyle, in 2006 and Fit Style emerged from that in 2014.  Working out is my passion, and I love being able to help women develop the same love for health and fitness that I have.

My ultimate objective with Fit Style is to help ladies feel good about themselves. Self-confidence (I believe) is the key to all success in life, and nothing builds self-confidence better than a strong, lean, healthy body. I love helping people realize their physical potential, and being there when they break through mental barriers by doing things they never thought their bodies could.

I am ecstatic about life and the opportunity that Personal Training affords me to share my excitement with others – it’s amazing to see my clients’ moods lift right before my eyes some days!  I do what I love and love what I do and if I can help even one person improve their quality of life through fitness, I have met my goal.