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Warrior Princess Package - Personal Training only $289/mo!

One-on-one online personal training - you literally have a personal trainer in your pocket!

Benefits Include: 

  • 4 30-min video sessions per month where I will be able to SEE your posture and form and make real-time corrections
  • 3 more app-based custom workouts per week
  • Learn correct form and posture
  • Work the muscles you want
  • Custom workout and cardio plans in the interactive app based completely around your individual fitness level and goals
  • Home or gym workouts – your choice 
  • Detailed progress tracking with graphs and side by side photo comparisons
  • High-level accountability, I reach out to you in addition to our virtual sessions, making sure you are on track, plus unlimited in-app communication
  • Texting access to me
  • Deep discounts off Nutrition Plans to keep your physique goals on course
  • *BONUS* Beautiful 20 page downloadable Meal Prep Guide with recommended foods list to help keep your nutrition on track
  • Exclusive discounts on other Fit Style programs 

Let me help you reach your fitness goals today!

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Warrior Princess Testimonial


I’ve been working out with Fit style’s online program for about 7 months. When comparing it to another online program I was doing previously its like night and day. One of the biggest differences was the personal accountability. Jenn follows up a few times a week to check in and see how I like the workouts. Personally, if I don’t like the structure/ actives I won’t complete my work outs. I find if I get off track Jenn brings me back in-line without judgement.  This open communication helps us both so we make any adjustments as needed.

Another benefit of Fit Style’s program is the online application she uses which allows quick tweaks and saves all your data for your customized program.  There is no need to wait for an email and write down the weights and times of activities. Each exercise Jenn creates takes into account the equipment you have access too. Additionally, the app has videos which provides instruction for the exercise. I love the fact all the data is in one spot for me and Jenn to review. 

Overall, I really enjoy Fit Styles online program. I am able to adjust it to my schedule as needed. I recommend anyone with a busy schedule to give it a try. The structure of the program and Jenn’s knowledge allows me to be successful week over week.  I know I will definitely stick with it! 

 --Christina K.